Rudolf Günter

Attorney Rudolf Günter, born in Aachen in 1962, studied at the University of Passau and at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. He completed his legal training at the University of Aachen in Aachen. In 1991, lawyer Günter was admitted to the bar.

He has basic knowledge of English. In August 2005, lawyer Günter was one of the first lawyers of the Bar Association in Cologne to be allowed to use the title “specialist lawyer for medical law”. Mr. Günter is a member of the preliminary examination committee of the Bar Association for this specialist title. In medical law, Mr. Günter has published numerous essays and essays in professional journals. He is co-author of the works “Medical Liability Law” and “Medical Report in the Process”, both published in the series “Medical Law” published by C. H. Beck, 5th ed. 2014 and 4th ed. 2016.

Rudolf Günter


Specialised Lawyer for medical law

Field of Activity

Lawyer Rudolf Günter has worked as a specialist lawyer for medical law both out of court and in court for years in all areas of medical law. He advises and represents physicians in all matters of medical law, including the law on contract doctors (Kassenarztrecht). This subsection of medical law includes u. a. Performance audits, drug reclaim procedures (benchmarks), plausibility checks and budget disputes. In addition, lawyer Günter advises physicians nationwide in the formation and discussion of cooperations (Berufsausübungsgemeinschaften, practice communities, medical care centers, operating companies, etc.) as well as in practice fees or practice takeovers. Here, lawyer Günter also acts contractually.

Mr. Günter is also specialized in mandates from the medical liability law. In the field of medical liability, lawyer Günter is acting out of court and in court both for (dental) doctors and liability insurers who are exposed to claims and for patients who want to assert claims. In the case of major personal injuries, the focus of casework is often on the medical field, whereby it is irrelevant what the damage results from (eg traffic accident). The legal disputes in connection with major personal injury are therefore also part of the range of activities of lawyer Günter. In this respect, it is often difficult to quantify the extent of the damage, since a large number of compensation items (loss of earnings, budgetary damage and other material damage as well as compensation for pain and suffering) must be examined and asserted. Also in the field of criminal medical liability as well as in professional proceedings Mr. Günter regularly works for affected doctors, dentists and pharmacists. Mr. Günter also represents his clients in the areas of law of insurance law, contract law and social security law (including legal and private health and long-term care insurance, statutory accident insurance, statutory pension insurance, severely disabled person’s law).


  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft Medizinrecht im Deutschen Anwaltsverein
  • Fachanwaltschaftsausschuss für Medizinrecht RAK Köln (Stellv. Mitglied)
  • Deutscher Anwaltverein (DAV)
  • Aachener Anwaltverein (AAV)
  • Medizinische Gesellschaft Aachen (MGA)

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