Mr. Arne Klingebiel was born in Aachen in 1989.

He was admitted to the Cologne Bar Association as an Attorney at law in 2022.

Attorney Klingebiel went to law school in Bonn and Linz, whilst focusing on Germ corporate law. In addition to the German state law examination, Mr. Klingebiel was also able to successfully complete his law studies in Austria in 2018 as Magister iuris. He hast thus also proven his qualified knowledge of Austrian law.

Attorney Klingebiel has been supporting the AIXLAW team since March 2013: first as a legal assistant during his studies, then as a full-time research assistant and finally as a legal trainee during his legal and elective internship at the Provincial High Court and Court of Appeal Cologne (OLG Köln).

Mr. Klingebiel spent one year abroad and is fluent in English.

Arne Klingebiel is culturally and socially interested, politically engaged and a fan of tennis and soccer.

Arne Christoph Klingebiel

Attorney at law – Associate

Main areas of consulting

Mr. Klingebiel’s law practice focuses on German civil law, whereby he also serves his clients in Austrian civil law.

Primarily, he is advising his clients on labor law, tenancy and property law, inheritance law as well as commercial and corporate law.

Furthermore, he also represents purely English-speaking clients. In this context, his legal services include the drafting of general terms and conditions and complex contracts as well as corporate agreements and articles of association and incorporation.

Moreover, Attorney Klingebiel is also responsible for the legal cooperation with the firm’s Austrian legal cooperation partners.


  • Deutsch-Österreichische Juristenvereinigung e.V.
  • Kepler Society Alumniclub
  • Stellvertretender sachkundiger Bürger im Rat der Stadt Aachen
  • Pius-Connect e.V.
  • Stadtgarde Oecher PENN von 1857 e.V.
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